WHOIS Search

When you are using “WHOIS” search to search a website such as “huyiglobal.com“, it will show the registration information of a domain name. For example: The registrant and contact information of huyiglobal.com.

If the search result shows: “Sorry, the system is not able to show the relevant information.”, please be aware that at the end of the domain name there are “.com”, “.cn”, “.hk”, etc… If you have any inquiries, please click the icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to contact us.

What is WHOIS search?

WHOIS service generates the domain information from domain registrars and registries database for the domain names that they sponsor, which allows end users to lookup the related domain names and to check out their availability for registration. WHOIS search helps to find out the registration information of a domain name, for example, the registrant and contact information of globalipr.org. HUYI Global’s WHOIS search can show the results from most of the domain registries.

What is the purpose of using WHOIS?

WHOIS can identify the availability of a domain name and to check the information of registered domain names, such as the registrant name and domain expiry date. The collected information can be used for marketing spam, automated processes, also on legal documents. Moreover, it can be used for network management which network administrators and others can find and solve the system issues and to maintain internet stability.

What does WHOIS result include?

WHOIS result contains domain information including registrant, administrative contact, technical contact, registrar and domain status etc.