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Chris Banner (Founder)
Chris Banner (Founder)e-banner
“To establish a professional brand image and good reputation to our customers, e-banner found Global Intellectual Property Company Limited (Global IPR), a reliable business partner,’ (Read more…)
Mr. Pius Chan (General Manager)
Mr. Pius Chan (General Manager)Tai Po Chun Hing
“We have cooperated with HUYI Global in registering our Trademarks for quite a period of time. Since our target segment focus on overseas business, which website was one of our (Read more…)
Denise Lau (Founder)
Denise Lau (Founder)Wing Lin Noodle
“Global IPR, subsidiary of HUYI Global, let us know the importance of the application of trademark registration in Hong Kong and China. When we use our trademark, we do not need to worry about the trademark ‘ (Read more…)

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