Global Trademark Registration Experts Free One-Minute Trademark Research Report

Global Trademark Registration Experts
Free One-Minute Trademark Research Report

The rules, classifications, definitions, and processes for trademark registration vary worldwide. The legal procedures and documents involved can be complex. The worst outcome is that after completing all necessary steps, your application fails, wasting your time and money.

To prevent this, HUYI offers a ‘Free One-Minute Trademark Research Report.’ This allows you to gauge the success rate of your brand’s trademark registration beforehand. We also provide free one-on-one consultations with our experts to review and explain the details of the trademark registration process. Claim your free search report now.

About HUYI Global:

Established in 1992, HUYI is the earliest professional organization engaged in information dissemination in China. It is also a registration service organization authorized by the international domain name agency – ICANN. The group has been serving customers for 32 years and has a huge customer network. It is one of the top three trademark registration companies in the country and has more than 60 subsidiaries in Hong Kong and mainland China. HUYI provides customers with professional services including global domain name registration, monitoring, management and arbitration experience, with comprehensive online brand management services. It has a large domestic team of lawyers to deal with legal issues in the mainland and has also obtained a wide range of professional qualifications and forming a solid foundation for the group.

Why need to register a Trademark?

The principle of “first registered, first served” applies to trademarks in most places. Therefore, it is recommended that enterprises register trademarks for their brands and attach ® or ™ to registered trademarks before carrying on business to provide legal protection against loss caused by the same or similar mark being registered by others in the future. Trademarks can also be bought, sold, mortgaged or transferred by assessing the value of trademarks, and become intangible assets of enterprises. In this way, corporate brand equity can be protected and brand value and market recognition can be improved.

What is a Trademark research Report and its importance?

Before applying for a trademark, the Trademark Registering Specialist will assess the trademark in detail. He/She will check the feasibility of your trademark application, whether it has already been registered or has existing similar trademarks. Then he/she will provide professional trademark registration advices according to the industry/product service to help you improve the success rate of registration, so as to save time and the cost of repeated applications, keeping your brand safe.

“Step 1: Complete the free one-minute trademark research report!”

You only need to provide basic company information and the trademark name and industry you want to register. We will conduct a comprehensive search for you before registration to improve the pass rate of trademark registration.

“Step 2: One-on-one consultation with a trademark registration specialist”

After passing the preliminary evaluation, the trademark registration specialist will contact you immediately for one-on-one trademark consulting services. You can learn more about the entire trademark application process and provide trademark registration suggestions.

“Step 3: Submit Application”

After collecting the required questions for the application, the specialist will fill in the application form with a detailed description of the product/service to help you get more comprehensive brand protection. As soon as the trademark registration begins, we will provide you with case tracking, immediate response and comprehensive and professional trademark protection advice.