HUYI Global provides one-stop brand management services to customers as well as right defense service to customers who suffering from infringement.

Case study (1)

Folding Bath (Client A)

  • Online:Unauthorized online retailers always ignore the importance of IP rights. HUYI Global is responsible to assist clients providing evidence of rights to e-commerce platform, so as to freeze the Alipay account of the infringer. Unauthorized online retailers cannot earn any incomes from e-commerce platform before settling the infringement problem completely. Therefore, they can only negotiate with our clients for compensation or requesting for licensing.

  • Offline:HUYI Global is also responsible to assist clients to record his patent in the China Import and Export Fair. This case has become the special case study of infringement since October 2019.

  • Different from bringing up to a lawsuit, client decided to negotiate with the unauthorized online retailers for compensation or cooperation, so as to save time and cost to handling a lawsuit. On the other hand, through authorizing license to retailers, client can expand sales channel, hence gaining licensing fee from licensing. Win-win situation can be achieved in this case.

HUYI Global is dedicated to protect every inventions of creators. If you are interested in right defense service, please feel free to contact our IP consultant anytime. 

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