Government Funding Application

HUYI Global is dedicated in helping Hong Kong companies to develop their brands in local market and even overseas markets. Therefore, in order to assist clients to expand their business and build their brands overseas, HUYI Global will analyse the business plan of clients’ companies and help them to apply different government subsidies. The funds below are what HUYI Global could assist to apply.

Government Funding Table

Funding “Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales” (the BUD Fund) Patent Application Grant
1. Eligibility of Company Type Hong Kong non-listed companies Hong Kong companies/ Individuals
2. Eligibility of Company Conditions Business operation for at least 3 years 1) Never owned any patents in any regions and countries before

2) The inventors of the invention shall be a directly related party/parties to the applicant company

3. Maximum of the Funding HKD$500,000 HKD$250,000
4. Maximum Funding of Each Project HKD$500,000 or 90% of the total fee per single Project Only once
5. Disbursement of Grant 1) 25% Initial payment

2) 75% final payment on a reimbursement basis

Funds directly released to the implementation agent
6. Contribution from the Applicant 50% of the total project amount 10% the total application fee
7. Assessment Procedure Need an initial assessment of all applications Need an initial assessment of all applications
8. Quotation Invitation 1) >HKD$50,000 needs to submit at least 2 written quotations

2) >HKD$300,000 needs to submit at least 5 quotations

Not required
9. Maximum of Projects 3 projects Only one
10. Time Limit on Application of Each Project Within 36 months after approval Within 36 months after approval
11. Time Intervals of Each Application After finishing the previous application Not required
12. Eligibility of Application for Intellectual Property Rights 1) China Trademark Application

2) China Patent Application

Patent Application
13. Application Process 2 – 9 months 6 – 12 months
14. Application Period Until June 2022 Not Applicable
15. Remarks The final verdict rests with a Programme Management Committee (PMC). The final verdict rests with the Innovation and Technology Commission.